Jules LeBlanc is a 17-year-old actress, artist, and fashion icon of the Gen-Z generation. With over 32M+ followers across social media, she has shown her fans that a new world for creatives exists.

With her positive messaging, she believes her fans can be anything they dream of - actors, artists, doctors, teachers, models, and creators - as long as they work hard and live ethically and morally strong.

In the summer of 2022, Jules became the Founder and Creative Director of a new type of fashion brand - VELANCHE - releasing new collections every three months.

When one imagines high-end fashion, they instinctually think of Paris, which is why Jules is partnering with a highly-sustainable international designer and manufacturer in Paris.

Her collection will target Gen-Z women, with pieces ranging from strong suits to delicate dresses; blending a perfect androgynous attitude and style, with sensual colors and fabrics that marry feminine and masculine designs. With dresses ranging from soft colors to dark, and fine lace materials to dry fabrics, the entire line creates a mood inspired by the iconic fashion of the ‘90s.